We’re Maintaining Safety Protocols As We Re-Open

Press Release: Feb 2022

In an effort to improve safety for our customers amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, we moved entirely to online-only ordering. We also implemented multiple sanitary measures to ensure our customers are protected against the spread of pathogens.

Now that things are opening back up, we will be opening our restaurant up again for in person dining, but will keep our sanitary measures in place to continue to protect our customers. We are scheduled for the re-open of in person dining on April 1, 2022. You will still be able to order via delivery and pick up now and after in person dining resumes.

Ambler Pizza was proud to be the first online-only pizza restaurant in Ambler, Pennsylvania and one of the few pizza restaurants in the country to implement safety protocols such as the UV Angel Clean Air system.

Here’s how we are continuing to keep our community safe while still delivering high quality pizza, pasta, and authentic Italian foods:

In Our Kitchen

Air Filtration – We have implemented the UV Angel Clean Air system which continually treats the air on our premises. This filtration system neutralizes microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

UV Angel Clean Air System

Delivery & Pickup

Ambler Pizza Delivery

Curbside Pickup – We make it easy for you to place an order online or via our app, and pick up your order on the go. 

Low to No Contact Delivery – Payments are primarily online making the delivery of your food as quick and easy as possible. Low contact delivery gets you the same great food safely.  

Contactless Payments – All takeout and delivery orders have moved online. You can order through our website or our app. 

Screened Delivery Drivers – Our delivery drivers are screened in order to be active on the road. 

Clean Cars – All of our cars are routinely cleaned and sanitized.