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Ambler Pizza

Best Tasting Buffalo Wings in Ambler, PA

At Ambler Pizza, our goal is to create incredible food that is truly delicious! We’re happy to share that our buffalo wings live up to our high standards and your expectations. Our buffalo wings use quality chicken and only the best spices and sauces to ensure satisfaction every time. Check out our wide range of buffalo wings and complete our easy-order.

Delicious Buffalo Wings Delivered to Your Front Door

We are Ambler’s #1 pizza restaurant, serving up great-tasting buffalo wings and Italian food that has your convenience and safety in mind. As well as having a wide range of delicious options on our menu, we are committed to making your order as simplified and as hygienic as possible. No more waiting for service, queuing for a table, or worrying about safety standards.

At Ambler Pizza, we are committed to excellence in every facet of our service. From using only the highest-quality ingredients to reducing wait times and practicing recognized safety measures, Amber Pizza is a cut above the rest. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Delicious Food for Everyone In the Family

We have a wide array of buffalo wings options so you can be assured that every member of your family or group will find something they love. Buffalo wings are the ideal sharing food; simply dive in and enjoy! Our wings are available in 12, 24, and 36 portions, so there is always plenty to go around.

Whether you are watching a game with friends, having an outdoor picnic in the park, or enjoying a family night-in, Amber Pizza is always the perfect accompaniment.

Our menu includes buffalo wings in a variety of spices and sauces. These include hot, mild, BBQ, garlic, butter, plain, sweet tai chili, teriyaki, and spicy tango. Whatever you are craving, rest assured that you will find it at Ambler Pizza. Check out our full menu below.

Your Top Choice for Pizza in and Around Ambler, PA

With high-quality ingredients, a wide selection of made-to-order pizzas, and unparalleled safety protocols, we are truly the first pizzeria of our kind in Ambler. As the pandemic continues to unfold, we plan to stay ahead of the curve to continue delivering premium, affordable pizza in a safe and contactless way.

Safety Is Always Paramount at Ambler Pizza

Our commitment to great-tasting food and convenience is matched by our commitment to following the highest safety practices. We know the importance that you place in hygiene and we have tailored our business to ensure that everything we do follows the best hygiene standards.

As well as online ordering, we offer contactless food delivery which means that there is no dealing with payments or change in person. Our delivery drivers always adhere to strict safety measures designed. Our curbside pick-ups make it easy for you to safely collect your food while on the go.

In addition to these practices, we keep our kitchen and premises as clean and hygienic as possible at all times. Our UV Angel Clean Air systems are designed to continually treat the air at our premises. This works to neutralize microorganisms both in the air and on surfaces.
When you order from Ambler Pizza, you can have peace of mind that we are following the best safety practices possible.

For Delicious Buffalo Wings, Always Choose Ambler Pizza

When you are looking for the best buffalo wings and Italian food in Amber, PA, choose Ambler Pizza. We have a wide range of delicious options on our menu, perfect for everyone.